True Word

Ever wondered how the world will be like in the next 3000 years? Just check how it was 3000 years ago. Trust me, it was pretty much like now. The difference is not intellect or way of life but rather the effect of the growth in population and what it can do. You cannot dissociate the industrial revolution with the sudden sharp increase in population in the19th century, neither can you dissociate the great depression with the period of the world war and colonization. 3000 years ago, man was still as intelligent as creative as cruel and as all that man is today. All our opinions and views about life remain the same and will always be the same.
However, it is this opinions that threaten our world. It is also these opinions that will make a positive difference in this world.
The truth is that this world can only grow to better through everyone and not a few people. There are obviously some few people somewhere who think that they move the world. They take pride in controlling aspects of people’s lives that are fundamental in everyday life. What they probably don’t know is that it’s not them but the power of the masses. The mass infects itself with all the philosophy it believes in. We are all one.
Believe me, we can all feel it. At least I can.
I’ll leave it there. Let Love surround you everywhere and may it