Time Travel and the Mystery of the Philadelphia Experiment

Philadelphia Experiment was a military experiment that is believed to have taken place during the Second World War. The ‘guinea pig’ of the experiment was Eltridge, a fully manned and equipped destroyer escort of the U.S. Navy, which was claimed to be rendered invisible to enemy weapons.Image

There are many theories that attempt to explain what exactly happened and whether thePhiladelphia Experiment really took place.

Three things convince us that the Philadelphia Experiment was real. First of all, the experiment was aimed at discovering new technologies that could bring the end of the war. Secondly, the ionized gas hides from radar any object inside it; and thirdly, it is known that electrostatic fields or strong magnetic fields can hardly deflect a beam of light from its course.

The American Navy admits that the Eldridge took part in an experiment which included wrapping the frame of the ship with wire in an attempt to disable the magnetic field caused by the metal. Something like that would render the ship invisible to magnetic underwater mines, based on proximity sensors.

There were two phases of the experiment. The first took place on July 23, 1943 and the second and most important one – on August 12, 1943. During the first phase, the ship was not completely disappeared, but the footprint of the frame remained visible in water. The second time the ship disappeared completely and reappeared 15 minutes later in Virginia. When the ship returned, crew members were integrated with the hull of the ship, others were missing and others had lost their minds.

When the ship was sold to the Greek Navy, the nominal capacity had increased by 300 tons, which means that equipment had been removed from the inside.

In the mid-80s, there appeared a witness who caused a lot of noise with his statement “I was there and saw it with my own eyes.” Al Bielek claimed that he was one of two Navysailors who worked in the control room at the Eldridge and that the crew traveled 40 years in the future and found the underground facilities of the “Montauk” on Long Island.

Einstein’s general theory of relativity argued that gravity was not a force but a classic distortion of spacetime. John Archibald Wheeler, attempting to make a summary of this theory, states that “the space acts on matter, and tells it how to move. The matter reactsback on space and tells it how to curve.”

Thus, assuming that the Philadelphia Experiment really took place and relying on this theory, we face a great technological achievement. Despite this, several answers should be given regarding what really happened to the ship and its crew. Till now it remains an unexplained mystery…



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